CISMI carries out scientific investigations of functional materials. It is our mission to build bridges between fundamental research and industrial applications by applying novel techniques and materials to solve issues of relevance to the society.

CISMI can offer:

Synthesis and extraction using supercritical CO2
Preparation of specialty aerogels and sol-gels
Rental of equipment for supercritical CO2
Development of specialty materials and characterisation methods
Participation in interdisciplinary projects

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CISMI has been one of the main proponents for the rapid development of Nano-technology in Denmark.
CISMI remains an active participant in national and international scientific and industrial collaborations. This has resulted in numerous patents and publications.
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CISMI has long-term experience in the use of supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2). Supercritical CO2 is an environmentally friendly solvent with low toxicity, which has found numerous applications as a benign solvent for extraction and synthesis.
In addition CISMI has particular experience in monomer and polymer synthesis and characterisation.
CISMI can act as a consultant in the use of supercritical CO2. Furthermore, CISMI can provide pressure equipment on a rental basis. CISMI can also undertake custom synthesis.

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