Synthesis in supercritical CO2
CISMI can undertake tasks that involve synthesis supercritical CO2.
Reactors with volumes from 5 mL to 1000 mL are available.
Working pressures range from 1 to 500 bar.

Extraction and impregnation using supercritical CO2
CISMI has a range of extraction systems available.
In addition we have expertise in impregnation of small molecules into polymeric materials

Equipment service and rental
CISMI has expertise in servicing pumps used for supercritical CO2.
A range of pumps are available and in addition it is possible to rent pressure equipment.
The equipment will be installed by experienced personnel.

Development of specialty materials
CISMI has knowledge of a wide range of polymerisation methods.
In this respect we can be a partner in projects that aim to develop and characterise non-standard polymer materials

Development of specialty, non-standard characterisation methods
CISMI can provide assistance in the development on non-standard characterisation methods

Please contact us for inquiries on collaborations